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Empowered helps create a lifeline to recovery by using proceeds from sales to help people in need enter addiction treatment.

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From t-shirts to towels to keychains to coffee cups, put your sober stamp on it!

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Why Empowered?

Whether you're a loud-and-proud member of the recovery community, an ally, or you just want to live your best sober life, Empowered helps you tell your sober story however you want.

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We obviously don't like to use the phrase "hand-me-downs" around here, but we WILL say that with every Empowered Shoppe purchase, you're handing someone a chance to turn their lives around in treatment. 

Empowered Shoppe is partnering with Face the Music Foundation and Recovery Unplugged Treatment Centers of help people take their lives back from alcohol and drug addiction. 

Help People Access Lifesaving Treatment 

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